Ivory will be prohibited from trading in China
July 02, 2017 at 11:50

The two men in the room were talking when they came back with the potion. Zhou Ying heard the pair of lovers alive and dismantled as if she was wrong. Jealousy instantly, she walked out, did not hear Wu hired let Hu Yongmei find another good match to. Persistent Hu Yongmei also don't want to accept, let him wait for himself. Zhou Ying, who was squatting at the door, looked at his face and waited until Hu Yongmei left.

Wu four master Zhou Ying and the foreigner told Wu Yuwen, as head of the Wu face do not hang on, angry. In the carriage of the return journey, Wu and Zhou Ying had their own heart. Go back to Wu, but received a master summons. Mrs. Wu Yuwen sat looking solemn, Wu hired seeing his father angry, rushed to put all the blame on myself. Zhou Ying wanted to explain himself to take the medicine, but I didn't think Master Wu did not give her room to talk, she was not allowed to go out and punish directly copy.

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Did you use sunscreen in the right way
June 26, 2017 at 18:43

Father Joseph said he wanted to go to the church. Zhou Ying hesitated and followed. She saw the lights and the world map for the first time. Soon to noon, Zhou Ying and Wu think hire agreement, quickly took the medicine to leave.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Zhou Ying stills taking medicine to the church to see different things)

Hu Yongmei just went out, Wu recognized the carriage, under the excitement to hire Wu fling caution to the winds. She walked all the way to the door and saw her beloved man sitting in front of the window. Hu Yongmei was not in tears at the thought of the changes of these days. Wu did not think Hu Yongmei did not hire Huihun, she has her own have. And the end of this is that life can not be born, death can not die.

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Fast food companies face pressure
June 18, 2017 at 17:29

After that, Wu took Zhou Ying to go out and went upstairs to pack the room. The doors and windows facing the Sanyuan pawnshop, convenient to check the situation. Zhou Ying felt bored and took the next man to the street. A crowd of people did not know what to see. She walked up and saw someone fall on the ground. The Church Father Joseph went and touched the pulse, said he would be saved, just need a person to help.

The people here seldom dealing with foreigners, all foreigners will say the vampire gouhun. And Zhou Ying tried to go forward to help, and when he saw the father's medicine, the man soon woke up. He was about to go, but Zhou Ying asked about the water. She was always worried about Wu's situation and thought she could treat it with the water.

Zhao Baishi visits victims of accumulation, just to see the foreigners and Zhou Ying speak, sighed that this woman treason and heresy. At that time, women's public and foreigners come close enough to speak, is contrary to women.

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The comparison of children hurt them
June 17, 2017 at 11:24

Wu recruited in the side looking at not the heart, take out a bag of money to him. Two tigers to kneel down and kowtow, but the couple live with. On the way back, always not Zhou Ying heart, talking about their own understanding of the situation when two tigers. After she deceived Wu that day, she met the endangered child and gave him all the valuable things on her own.

Wu was a bit regretful, and he said her hard day, and did not think that his wife was such a kind girl. He decided to help a child to get a job, and Zhou was grateful.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Wu Zhou Ying Street when hired two tigers, jienangxiangzhu)

Hire out shopping, Wu did not forget the things they asked the father, a pedestrian came Sanyuan pawn. The shopkeeper sun hastened to welcome guests, but inadvertently said Lord Wu Jiasan several months do not come back. When he was in the hands of his grandson, Wu carefully turned over the book.

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Lost youth
June 15, 2017 at 14:07

Wu hired just to come back and told Zhou Ying's own body was much better. At this time, Wu Yuwen sent Zhou Ying to the past. He sat upright and asked questions about the background of the new daughter-in-law, and Zhou answered honestly. Wu Yuwen solemnly told Zhou Ying that she has not had the zoujianghu busk girl, and become a housewife, not to Wu. Wu Yuwen's tone gradually hardened, but see Zhou Ying still sit straight, also said: "if you guys think I don't deserve it, I can rest." Wu Yuwen angry, saw the girl walked out the door.

Zhou Ying, with tears in his eyes, told the spring apricot to pick up things to go. Wu's face changed immediately. He wanted to see his father and persuade him to take back the order. Unexpectedly, Zhang Ma has to convey the message to get rid of the master, no new daughter-in-law, but ordered Zhou Ying Study hard rules, self-cultivation.

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Watching movies with civilization
June 10, 2017 at 11:59

Mrs. Wu heard a visit by a guest. It turned out that the wife of the two Lord of the West Garden brought her daughter. Miss Yi wanted to see her brother's new sister-in-law, and Mrs. Wu took them back to the house. A pedestrian is just to see Zhou Ying self-assured or supercilious squat down in the chair, is still on the ground with fists. Her mouth is stuffed with not eating something, see Mrs. Wu back, mumbling said: "mother, do you come back?" This strange appearance made a few ladies stare.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Ying was Mrs. Wu called to learn rules)

One day, Mrs. Wu tired also accumulated a belly full of gas. She went to Wu Yuwen, hoping that the majesty of the LORD would hold the girl's wild character. But not more than Mrs. Wu's side, Zhou Ying's side is not happy. She was overwhelmed by the tedious etiquette and rules and wanted to leave the place. After all, she married Wu hired just want to help it, not really want to be a lifetime in the courtyard in the prison.

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A surprise in relationship
June 08, 2017 at 18:20

The case not found Wu and Shen family, Du Mingli was Beller who comes through your god. Shen Sihai returned to the house, but did not bring back the Xing Sheng shift. Shen family has not had a son, the other one is now on the verge of death or destruction. The old lady Shen immediately angry to go to jail for grandchildren, started on Shen Sihai too timid, Shenyang sorry name. Driven by hatred and sadness, Shensi vowed to avenge his son. But now, what can he do?

Zhou Ying was called by Mrs. Wu to the room, sitting on a stool or a habitual leg. Mrs. Wu wanted to be patient to teach her the right posture and posture, but she was uncovered by Zhou Ying's intentional mischievous, even her funny posture. Even the next people were laughed at. Can not swing, can not shake the shoulders, these rules let the freedom of Zhou Ying all over the body is not used.

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Behind the honor
June 06, 2017 at 15:13

As usual, Zhou Ying went to the apprenticeship, and he reminded her that her identity was not suitable for the place. Zhou Ying didn't care about the etiquette, but the lecturer was nervous. After his departure, the apprentice and the apprentice, who had been playing with her before, were also respectful to her, calling her little grandmother. Even the little king, who had always been very thick, said she was not a former Chou Ying.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Ying as usual to apprentice class because of Mrs. real identity is alienated everyone)

Although Wu has already had nothing to do, Zhao Zhifu did not release Xing Sheng's move. The world full of Shen resentment, but can not do anything. Zhao Zhifu saw in the case of the day down Wu, began to find Wu Jiadong Butler Yang Zhihuan Institute. He immediately instructed to find out that a bag in the storeroom of fake blood wu. Zhao Baishi was a master from Zhang, and he sent it after he got the fake material, hoping to hear the teacher's opinion. But Zhao Baishi did not know that the adult had already put into the hands of Beller.

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How to overcome negative emotions
June 05, 2017 at 16:22

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Du Mingli politely mentioned Wu will usher in a disaster to Hu boss don't marry her daughter)

The bridal sedan soon to Hu door, everyone is looking forward to this joyous event. Wu Wu hired cousin meets on the outside anxiously and knocked on the door, but Hu the shopkeeper and daughter kneeling together each other, one said to marry, a No. And the two relative cry, Hu Yongmei mind has not married may not, even to death himself hit dizzy. Shopkeeper Hu sigh again and again, hastened to see his daughter.

Seeing the Wu Yuhe sedan slowly back to Wu palace in front of others are not to see. Sure enough, the bride didn't come. Wu Yuwen has tears in his eyes, asking God for his unfairness. As the men were desperate, Zhou yelled, "I'm coming!" At this moment, she had not taken care of too much, only to save Wu. She ran up, holding the bridal veil. The Wu family wedding, finally successfully made.

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Misunderstandings of weight loss
June 03, 2017 at 14:14

Wu on busy layout wedding matters, Wu Yuwen is also in the details of his sincerity, determined to give the best treatment for Hu Yongmei. Zhou Ying Wu hired every day in bed talking, looking forward to the wedding to wake him up. And when she did not notice, Wu's fingers moved, which represented his consciousness gradually recovering.

Du Mingli heard of Hu Jia to marry the daughter of Wu hired thing, he took the palace of porcelain, gelatin and other gifts to congratulate the wedding. Hu boss saw his words sincere, is not good to refuse. Du Mingli has been out of two road memorials, Hu boss took the reading, instant face change. The original, which involves Wu coming disaster.

Hu boss after reading a face schungite decadent appearance, but also considering Du Mingli's intention. Du Mingli said they had received Hu Jia grace also reminded him not to marry her daughter to a dying man, but do not put her into a place. Go out, Stoudemire puzzled, because there is no such instruction of Lord Beller. But Du Mingli murmured, this is his instructions to himself.

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