The necessity of social practice
February 19, 2017 at 12:08

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Wu Pin was Xing Sheng moved injured remain unconscious)

Zhao Baishi found the black clothes that Xing Sheng had worn when he moved the people, but it was a strange and unyielding Shen Xingyi that he did not confess to his death. Zhao Baishi huff, Xing Sheng moved to Lakesy board. Xing Sheng moved a little fever with his grief and his injuries. It is not easy to come to the prison of Shen Sihai, see his son's condition is full of pain, only to think about the way to save people.

Wu was in a coma and had been lying on the bed for two days. Wu Yuwen listen to expert advice, to put forward the request by Hu jia. Hu Yongmei without hesitation, agreed to a second day period to hire wu. Wu Yuwen heard after excitedly towards the righteous woman bowed deeply.

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The change of female characters in TV
February 15, 2017 at 12:02

Zhou Ying took the baggage will be sitting on the coach left, but saw several boy carrying Wu ran in recruits. She could not find Dad things, ran back to the door of Wu Jia yuan.

The boss of Hu learned of Wu's affairs here and hurried to the famous doctor of Luoyang. Hu Yongmei also followed his father to visit, but due to the courtesy not to stop, had to kneel to pray in front of the Buddha kowtow.

Wu Zhong and he was the younger brother of Wu Yuwen, after hearing the news soon came to inquire, we suggest you find a expert to see. Day and night, Wu Pindou did not wake up. Zhou Ying turned on the ground and prayed for the Lord to wake the little East.

The three Lord of the southern courtyard also came to see Wu, and let his own son Wu Yu leave to help. Sorrow on Mrs. Wu, drip out of tears. She had nurtured her son for more than 20 years, and now she was lying in bed dying, and she could not bear to suffer for him.

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Simple style
February 10, 2017 at 09:41

A gentle and beautiful woman stands in the street, with elegant and elegant scenery. Du Mingli sat in the car saw her brow was full of regret and dismay. He has let the stop, but still leave silently. This woman is Hu Jia herbal shop of miss Hu Yongmei, and Wu very deep relations.

One day, Miss Hu is going to visit Mrs. wu. She had a good gift and a picture of her own, and Madame woo was admired. Just Wu is also in, also carefully to help her to pick out the almond in the oil tea. Hu Yongmei smiled and took out the words and paintings. It is written: "the Book of Songs one day apart, as of March". She is engaged with Wu expression of secret mind is childhood sweetheart, so only implicitly.

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Disliked the way home blocked, a man modified the road sign
February 08, 2017 at 09:48

At lunch, the old lady brought up Xing Sheng's age, and there should be a few words of persuasion. Xing Sheng did not hesitate to say that he thought Zhou Ying was good. Mrs. Shen called Zhou Ying and asked to try out the girl's meaning first. Unexpectedly, this simple woman directly refused, said he just wanted to be an ordinary girl, and even when the main house wife are not happy. But how much she wanted this opportunity, Zhou Ying so clear refused. Even the main house wife can not, this woman is really great assurance!

Mrs. Shen's face is unsightly, and all the stomachache has been made. Xing Sheng moved after that is very angry, feel good no good. Yes, he was a young man who was grown up from childhood. Where did he accept such a refusal? Xing Sheng moves like the wind rushed back to the room, accused Zhou Ying ungrateful, even anger to her driving himself as the master of rights". Although the woman will generally reserve reluctantly, and Zhou Ying immediately turn to Xing Sheng, not only moving the hands and cursed you ". She ran out of the room, but was stopped and tied up by the next. The long, irascible Shen Xingyi picked up the whip and thought it was enough for a woman to yield. I didn't think that Zhou Ying was still staring at his eyes, and there was a little bit of anger in his fearless eyes. Xing Sheng, after all, did not give up his heart, but changed the way to grind people, to destroy the will of the woman with hunger.

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An old couple brought cockroaches on the plane
February 07, 2017 at 09:33

On the morning of the second day, Zhou Ying was moved to the room by Xing Sheng. Originally, the foppish master always kept to tame the wild girl's mind. Xing Sheng wanted to get out of the government move as a threat, but saw Zhou Ying triumphant smile. A useful trick for the ordinary servant girl, no matter how it is used for the girl. Shen Xingyi for "revenge", had to temporarily agree with Zhou Ying proposed "do not curse, do not do menial work" unreasonable demands.

Xing Sheng was bored in bed all day, and Zhou Ying made him happy with the little tricks on the rivers and lakes. The two people gradually talked about the day. Zhou Ying openly told him that he did not know who his parents were. In the appearance of Xing Sheng's seemingly cynical appearance, the good heart was inadvertently moved. This short period of time to get along, already let him on the sly woman feel good. Shen Xingyi said to Zhou Ying carefully, "you can stay in the house for a lifetime as long as you have me."

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Fun of the digital camera - A good life director (2)
February 05, 2017 at 19:15

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Fun of the digital camera - A good life director
February 05, 2017 at 15:13

When I was young I loved graffiti, after I grew up I bought a NOKIA mobile with a mobile camera function I found that I liked to take pictures by mobile, I used mobiles to take pictures for several years.

Later at a friend's exposure to the camera, just understood this thing called photography, before it could only be called a shadow pinch. So I loved digital camera since that time. This was usually good, small cards, portable, light, also supports raw files, these are enough.

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3 main points for basking in the winter
February 03, 2017 at 11:17

Basking in winter sun is good for health. It not only can resist winter depression, but also retard aging and reduce the risk of disease. What we should pay attention to is 3 key points of basking in the winter.

1. Do not bask through the glass

The ultraviolet transmittance of the glass is less than 50%, and the effect of the sun on the glass is likely to be discounted.

2. Do not wear white clothes in the sun

White clothes will reflect ultraviolet on the face or bare arms, so that the skin is injured, while the long wave of red clothing can quickly "eat" a very strong UVA. Don't wear a hat for advice, and you can wear sunglasses if you are afraid of blinding sunshine.

3. Drink more water in the sun

You should drink plenty of water after basking, eat more fruits and vegetables, it can inhibit the generation of melanin in a certain extent.

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Rural beauty of garden style
February 02, 2017 at 10:30

What a beautiful garden! Go back home often to see. There is a popular Chinese song, named "Go Home Often", which encourages people to spend more time with their retired parents.

Seems to be in smooth water Jingyang Town, a plot is quietly staged. Wu was invited to the newly opened elevator and shops to drink tea, but saw the day off the beggar scholar. It turned out that this scholar called Du Mingli, is the capital of the pro Prince Wang house, proficient in the internal affairs of the project. The court is now checked Hu Xueyan's case, and this case has involved a Wu of bad news. But Du Mingli seemed unaware, as to Wu family business. Wu's father hired Wu Yuwen quite shrewd, rejected the invitation to the business. By what means to back Du Mingli, also temporarily unknown.

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My new PC case
January 14, 2017 at 10:14

How about it?

Zhou Ying cheat to silver, turn round to go home, just came into the door to see the old four weeks in the pack things. Just listen to the old four weeks proud said, this time to sell her daughter Shen family, but also more than the last sold 52. Zhou Lao Siping's life is not too promising, in addition to some "Wu Yi", they love to bet on two. This is not he lost his money, his daughter sold out money again. Shen Jiatong Wu, in Jingyang, is a large city to do business, just in front of the Wu head short end. The two sides are in harmony but secretly compete with each other. Week four know, daughter in his teachings, have enough to protect themselves, a few days can continue to run out, and when the kite.

The second day, Zhou Ying came to Shenjiamen, just entered the gate, I heard a woman clamoring to marry two young master. The servant made sarcastic remarks, but the woman was even more noisy. Originally, this girl is called "a bomb song Shen, two young master Xing Sheng shift and the other's face has spent a lot of money to her, make a debt of gratitude. Master Shenyang Shenyang four after that, the penalty would be the GOIM coxcomb. On the festival of the master servant is hate and fear, hate can't hide away. Zhou Ying first, happen to be moved into Xing Sheng's room.

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