A surprise in relationship
June 08, 2017 at 18:20

When Valentine’s Day comes, the couples like to share their sweet moments and post the pictures on the Internet. The young couples will do all kinds of romantic things to surprise each other, while the old generation’s relationship impresses me most.

In the romantic movie New York, I Love You, which was filmed by several short stories. There was a story about an old couple. They walked to the beach, while on the way, the woman complained about the man on many small issues, but the men barely argued. Finally, when they reached the destination, they suddenly hand in hand and appreciated the sunset. What a lovely story, it is so close to the real life, just like every couple’s final end.

Most young people chase for romantic moment, which makes them excited. But the nature of life is made up of small issues. When two people considerate about each other and find a way to deal with conflicts, their marriage can be lasted long. Surprise is the flavor in daily life, it makes sense when it happens in special days.

The case not found Wu and Shen family, Du Mingli was Beller who comes through your god. Shen Sihai returned to the house, but did not bring back the Xing Sheng shift. Shen family has not had a son, the other one is now on the verge of death or destruction. The old lady Shen immediately angry to go to jail for grandchildren, started on Shen Sihai too timid, Shenyang sorry name. Driven by hatred and sadness, Shensi vowed to avenge his son. But now, what can he do?

Zhou Ying was called by Mrs. Wu to the room, sitting on a stool or a habitual leg. Mrs. Wu wanted to be patient to teach her the right posture and posture, but she was uncovered by Zhou Ying's intentional mischievous, even her funny posture. Even the next people were laughed at. Can not swing, can not shake the shoulders, these rules let the freedom of Zhou Ying all over the body is not used.

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Behind the honor
June 06, 2017 at 15:13

Being a model is a lot of girls’ dream. It means they can wear all kinds of beautiful dresses and being the spot light all the time. they also can fly to every corner of the world and make a lot of money. It seems so perfect to own both fame and fortune, but a hot model’s decision to quit her career makes people to see more behind the glory.

The girl was the hot model and she had been working as a model for five years. It was such young for her to say goodbye to this favorable job. When the girl was in high school, she was discovered by the agent and since then, she quit school. The company asked her to lose weight and controlled her diet very strictly. The girl always ate only an apple, but the company did not care about her health, as they just wanted money.

The girl now can eat what she wants, she looks fatter and happier. I think she can smile from her heart at this moment. We feel envious about what people have, but we ignore their hard work and diligence. If we want to be successful, then accept the hard time.

As usual, Zhou Ying went to the apprenticeship, and he reminded her that her identity was not suitable for the place. Zhou Ying didn't care about the etiquette, but the lecturer was nervous. After his departure, the apprentice and the apprentice, who had been playing with her before, were also respectful to her, calling her little grandmother. Even the little king, who had always been very thick, said she was not a former Chou Ying.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Ying as usual to apprentice class because of Mrs. real identity is alienated everyone)

Although Wu has already had nothing to do, Zhao Zhifu did not release Xing Sheng's move. The world full of Shen resentment, but can not do anything. Zhao Zhifu saw in the case of the day down Wu, began to find Wu Jiadong Butler Yang Zhihuan Institute. He immediately instructed to find out that a bag in the storeroom of fake blood wu. Zhao Baishi was a master from Zhang, and he sent it after he got the fake material, hoping to hear the teacher's opinion. But Zhao Baishi did not know that the adult had already put into the hands of Beller.

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How to overcome negative emotions
June 05, 2017 at 16:22

Life is a journey. We will see different scenery and learn to grow up. Nobody can live easy life all the time, and they must have gone through some hard time. The one who can conquer the difficulty will be stronger. While those who can’t deal with the negative emotion will miss the beautiful scenery. Wise men can find the ways to remove bad mood.

In the modern life, a lot of people do the same things every day, then the repeating routines are easy to frustrate them. They feel life is meaningful and why they have to sit in the office to work for a whole day. The negative emotion makes them lose themselves. At this time, they need to slow down their life pace. A trip is the best way to relax and forget about the annoyance. It opens your vision and helps you to find the answers.

Talking to the families or friends is also a good way to relieve your bad emotion. We need someone to listen to us. With their support and caring, we will find the motivation to move on. Life is short, don’t be afraid of making change if you are not really satisfied with the current situation.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Du Mingli politely mentioned Wu will usher in a disaster to Hu boss don't marry her daughter)

The bridal sedan soon to Hu door, everyone is looking forward to this joyous event. Wu Wu hired cousin meets on the outside anxiously and knocked on the door, but Hu the shopkeeper and daughter kneeling together each other, one said to marry, a No. And the two relative cry, Hu Yongmei mind has not married may not, even to death himself hit dizzy. Shopkeeper Hu sigh again and again, hastened to see his daughter.

Seeing the Wu Yuhe sedan slowly back to Wu palace in front of others are not to see. Sure enough, the bride didn't come. Wu Yuwen has tears in his eyes, asking God for his unfairness. As the men were desperate, Zhou yelled, "I'm coming!" At this moment, she had not taken care of too much, only to save Wu. She ran up, holding the bridal veil. The Wu family wedding, finally successfully made.

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Misunderstandings of weight loss
June 03, 2017 at 14:14

For every girl, they chase to look beautiful all the time, even some of them take it as the lifetime career. What’s more, the commercial ads implant them the idea that only skinny girls can be charming, so some girls take the extreme ways to lose weight, which hurts their bodies badly.

The most common wrong way to lose weight is to refuse food. Most girls believe that if they bear the hunger, then their bodies will not grow fat, so they just eat little food and fight with food temptation. It is not worthy of hurting bodies to lose weight. If we don’t keep healthy, we may lose our lives. The suitable way is to go on a diet with doctor’s professional advice.

The second wrong way is to take pills. Many commercial ads try to attract more females to buy the products, so they brag about the effect of taking pills. Actually, these pills have side effects, which damage the bodies. Many experts have told the truth that taking regular exercise is the best way to keep fit.

It is everybody’s right to chase looking beautiful, but they must do the wise things.

Wu on busy layout wedding matters, Wu Yuwen is also in the details of his sincerity, determined to give the best treatment for Hu Yongmei. Zhou Ying Wu hired every day in bed talking, looking forward to the wedding to wake him up. And when she did not notice, Wu's fingers moved, which represented his consciousness gradually recovering.

Du Mingli heard of Hu Jia to marry the daughter of Wu hired thing, he took the palace of porcelain, gelatin and other gifts to congratulate the wedding. Hu boss saw his words sincere, is not good to refuse. Du Mingli has been out of two road memorials, Hu boss took the reading, instant face change. The original, which involves Wu coming disaster.

Hu boss after reading a face schungite decadent appearance, but also considering Du Mingli's intention. Du Mingli said they had received Hu Jia grace also reminded him not to marry her daughter to a dying man, but do not put her into a place. Go out, Stoudemire puzzled, because there is no such instruction of Lord Beller. But Du Mingli murmured, this is his instructions to himself.

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The necessity of social practice
February 19, 2017 at 12:08

The stage of college is the new chapter for students. They need to learn independent as they live in the dormitory. Learning major knowledge and mastering the professional skill are the main tasks, but the necessity of practical experience can’t be ignored if they want to start their career successfully.

Being freshmen, many students start to lose themselves as they just want to enjoy the freedom and forget about study when they come to campus. But some wise students have made their plans. They not only spend a lot of time in library, but also fulfill their time by taking practical experience, which will be a great help in future career. We are easy to find that the successful young men have started their career as they are students.

In the job market, most employers care about the practical experience when they look at the resumes. They want this type of graduates because they can spend less time to teach them get familiar with the new environment, which can improve the working efficiency. If students want to take advantages over others in the job market, then they’d better seek some internship.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Wu Pin was Xing Sheng moved injured remain unconscious)

Zhao Baishi found the black clothes that Xing Sheng had worn when he moved the people, but it was a strange and unyielding Shen Xingyi that he did not confess to his death. Zhao Baishi huff, Xing Sheng moved to Lakesy board. Xing Sheng moved a little fever with his grief and his injuries. It is not easy to come to the prison of Shen Sihai, see his son's condition is full of pain, only to think about the way to save people.

Wu was in a coma and had been lying on the bed for two days. Wu Yuwen listen to expert advice, to put forward the request by Hu jia. Hu Yongmei without hesitation, agreed to a second day period to hire wu. Wu Yuwen heard after excitedly towards the righteous woman bowed deeply.

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The change of female characters in TV
February 15, 2017 at 12:02

The equality between men and women are advocated all the time. In the early 1990s, more and more women asked for their rights and as the result the power of women have raised now. We can feel the power of women from the change of female roles in the television shows.

In the 1990s, women were crazy about the romantic theme, which was about the poor heroines married the handsome rich young men, but the men’s families did not like the girls, so the girls had to do a lot of things to move the family members. It seemed to be touching stories, because the girls’ insistence helped her win everybody’s respect. But the fact is that women’s status was very low.

In today’s TV show, the female roles are so different. They are described to be independent and confident. It is not the men to choose them but they make their own decision. This is the new image of female, which shows that they become stronger and don’t need to rely on men. Career women are favored by the young girls. The new female are finding their own place.

Zhou Ying took the baggage will be sitting on the coach left, but saw several boy carrying Wu ran in recruits. She could not find Dad things, ran back to the door of Wu Jia yuan.

The boss of Hu learned of Wu's affairs here and hurried to the famous doctor of Luoyang. Hu Yongmei also followed his father to visit, but due to the courtesy not to stop, had to kneel to pray in front of the Buddha kowtow.

Wu Zhong and he was the younger brother of Wu Yuwen, after hearing the news soon came to inquire, we suggest you find a expert to see. Day and night, Wu Pindou did not wake up. Zhou Ying turned on the ground and prayed for the Lord to wake the little East.

The three Lord of the southern courtyard also came to see Wu, and let his own son Wu Yu leave to help. Sorrow on Mrs. Wu, drip out of tears. She had nurtured her son for more than 20 years, and now she was lying in bed dying, and she could not bear to suffer for him.

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Simple style
February 10, 2017 at 09:41

When people are asked what will they do if they become rich, some say that they want to eat all the delicious food, and some say that they will buy the best house. It is the common wish to live the life that enjoys the best material things. But for some super rich people, they choose to live the simple life.

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckberg, is young and becomes one of the richest man in the world. Every young guy treats him as their hero, and they want to as successful as Mark, so as to make a lot of money and live the life they want. But Mark told the media that he and his wife did not buy a house, but rented one. The media found that Mark wore the same T-shirt all the time. Mark said he bought the same clothes just to save the time to struggle for what to wear.

The real rich man live the simple life. They don’t care about the brands or the price tag, instead, they try to make things simple. They refuse to be tagged by material stuff.

A gentle and beautiful woman stands in the street, with elegant and elegant scenery. Du Mingli sat in the car saw her brow was full of regret and dismay. He has let the stop, but still leave silently. This woman is Hu Jia herbal shop of miss Hu Yongmei, and Wu very deep relations.

One day, Miss Hu is going to visit Mrs. wu. She had a good gift and a picture of her own, and Madame woo was admired. Just Wu is also in, also carefully to help her to pick out the almond in the oil tea. Hu Yongmei smiled and took out the words and paintings. It is written: "the Book of Songs one day apart, as of March". She is engaged with Wu expression of secret mind is childhood sweetheart, so only implicitly.

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Disliked the way home blocked, a man modified the road sign
February 08, 2017 at 09:48

A Chinese man has been fined after he was captured on surveillance footage painting new road signs in a bid to make his daily commute easier.

The Modern Express reports that a 28-year-old man surnamed Cai, was fined 1,000 yuan in the eastern city of Lianyungang, Jiangsu province. He was captured on camera on 27 November with a can of white paint painting new arrows onto the road, and told police it was the result of frustrations over the long delays on his daily bus journey to work.

"I saw that the straight lane was always packed with cars, while the lane that turns left has a lot of space," he told the police. "I thought changing the signs would make my commute smoother."

Traffic police told Modern Express that they thought Mr Cai's behaviour was "very dangerous" and could have resulted in a collision. They have since deployed workers to repaint the road.

This is not the first time that someone in China has used their arts skills to invent their own traffic rules.

In May, a driver in Zhejiang was fined after surveillance footage captured him drawing his own parking space with chalk on a road.

At lunch, the old lady brought up Xing Sheng's age, and there should be a few words of persuasion. Xing Sheng did not hesitate to say that he thought Zhou Ying was good. Mrs. Shen called Zhou Ying and asked to try out the girl's meaning first. Unexpectedly, this simple woman directly refused, said he just wanted to be an ordinary girl, and even when the main house wife are not happy. But how much she wanted this opportunity, Zhou Ying so clear refused. Even the main house wife can not, this woman is really great assurance!

Mrs. Shen's face is unsightly, and all the stomachache has been made. Xing Sheng moved after that is very angry, feel good no good. Yes, he was a young man who was grown up from childhood. Where did he accept such a refusal? Xing Sheng moves like the wind rushed back to the room, accused Zhou Ying ungrateful, even anger to her driving himself as the master of rights". Although the woman will generally reserve reluctantly, and Zhou Ying immediately turn to Xing Sheng, not only moving the hands and cursed you ". She ran out of the room, but was stopped and tied up by the next. The long, irascible Shen Xingyi picked up the whip and thought it was enough for a woman to yield. I didn't think that Zhou Ying was still staring at his eyes, and there was a little bit of anger in his fearless eyes. Xing Sheng, after all, did not give up his heart, but changed the way to grind people, to destroy the will of the woman with hunger.

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An old couple brought cockroaches on the plane
February 07, 2017 at 09:33

Customs officials at a Chinese airport had a nasty surprise when they opened a couple's luggage and discovered it contained hundreds of live cockroaches, it's reported.

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, security at southern Guangdong's Baiyun International Airport noticed movement in an elderly couple's luggage when they placed their bags through an x-ray machine.

There was a white plastic bag with lots of black items moving inside, security guard Xu Yuyu told Kankan News. "One of the staff opened their luggage and a roach crawled out of it. She almost cried," Ms Xu added.

When asked why they were transporting the cockroaches, the husband told officials that they were an ointment for his wife's skin.

He did not specify what her condition was, but Ms Yu says officials were told: "They were part of an old folk remedy. You mix the roaches in some medicinal cream and put it on your skin."

Beijing Youth Daily says that because living organisms are not permitted in on-flight hand luggage, the couple chose to leave them with security staff.

On the morning of the second day, Zhou Ying was moved to the room by Xing Sheng. Originally, the foppish master always kept to tame the wild girl's mind. Xing Sheng wanted to get out of the government move as a threat, but saw Zhou Ying triumphant smile. A useful trick for the ordinary servant girl, no matter how it is used for the girl. Shen Xingyi for "revenge", had to temporarily agree with Zhou Ying proposed "do not curse, do not do menial work" unreasonable demands.

Xing Sheng was bored in bed all day, and Zhou Ying made him happy with the little tricks on the rivers and lakes. The two people gradually talked about the day. Zhou Ying openly told him that he did not know who his parents were. In the appearance of Xing Sheng's seemingly cynical appearance, the good heart was inadvertently moved. This short period of time to get along, already let him on the sly woman feel good. Shen Xingyi said to Zhou Ying carefully, "you can stay in the house for a lifetime as long as you have me."

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Fun of the digital camera - A good life director (2)
February 05, 2017 at 19:15

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