Fun of the digital camera - A good life director
February 05, 2017 at 15:13

When I was young I loved graffiti, after I grew up I bought a NOKIA mobile with a mobile camera function I found that I liked to take pictures by mobile, I used mobiles to take pictures for several years.

Later at a friend's exposure to the camera, just understood this thing called photography, before it could only be called a shadow pinch. So I loved digital camera since that time. This was usually good, small cards, portable, light, also supports raw files, these are enough.

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3 main points for basking in the winter
February 03, 2017 at 11:17

Basking in winter sun is good for health. It not only can resist winter depression, but also retard aging and reduce the risk of disease. What we should pay attention to is 3 key points of basking in the winter.

1. Do not bask through the glass

The ultraviolet transmittance of the glass is less than 50%, and the effect of the sun on the glass is likely to be discounted.

2. Do not wear white clothes in the sun

White clothes will reflect ultraviolet on the face or bare arms, so that the skin is injured, while the long wave of red clothing can quickly "eat" a very strong UVA. Don't wear a hat for advice, and you can wear sunglasses if you are afraid of blinding sunshine.

3. Drink more water in the sun

You should drink plenty of water after basking, eat more fruits and vegetables, it can inhibit the generation of melanin in a certain extent.

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Rural beauty of garden style
February 02, 2017 at 10:30

What a beautiful garden! Go back home often to see. There is a popular Chinese song, named "Go Home Often", which encourages people to spend more time with their retired parents.

Seems to be in smooth water Jingyang Town, a plot is quietly staged. Wu was invited to the newly opened elevator and shops to drink tea, but saw the day off the beggar scholar. It turned out that this scholar called Du Mingli, is the capital of the pro Prince Wang house, proficient in the internal affairs of the project. The court is now checked Hu Xueyan's case, and this case has involved a Wu of bad news. But Du Mingli seemed unaware, as to Wu family business. Wu's father hired Wu Yuwen quite shrewd, rejected the invitation to the business. By what means to back Du Mingli, also temporarily unknown.

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My new PC case
January 14, 2017 at 10:14

How about it?

Zhou Ying cheat to silver, turn round to go home, just came into the door to see the old four weeks in the pack things. Just listen to the old four weeks proud said, this time to sell her daughter Shen family, but also more than the last sold 52. Zhou Lao Siping's life is not too promising, in addition to some "Wu Yi", they love to bet on two. This is not he lost his money, his daughter sold out money again. Shen Jiatong Wu, in Jingyang, is a large city to do business, just in front of the Wu head short end. The two sides are in harmony but secretly compete with each other. Week four know, daughter in his teachings, have enough to protect themselves, a few days can continue to run out, and when the kite.

The second day, Zhou Ying came to Shenjiamen, just entered the gate, I heard a woman clamoring to marry two young master. The servant made sarcastic remarks, but the woman was even more noisy. Originally, this girl is called "a bomb song Shen, two young master Xing Sheng shift and the other's face has spent a lot of money to her, make a debt of gratitude. Master Shenyang Shenyang four after that, the penalty would be the GOIM coxcomb. On the festival of the master servant is hate and fear, hate can't hide away. Zhou Ying first, happen to be moved into Xing Sheng's room.

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The ninth day of vacation
January 13, 2017 at 17:01

The early morning was wake up by the storm, I found mymself was settling in bed, sleepy with eyes and listened. A rainy night in Bali Island, the sound of the rain as a damp and rhythmic environment really keeps the ear.

My mind was very empty, soon I knew that I didn't need to respond to rainy days. There was nothing waiting for me, even a phone call. It was very steady, so I turned to sleep again.

In the afternoon, I sat in the sunshine beside the pool, and found out a book that I had wanted to read in this environment. I read it for 3 hours in a single breath. The author is Jiang Xun, a lonely book six, is a very good book. After reading the empty space of a good book, a friend went on to another book in time, the messenger of the lamp, had a glance, and found himself immersed in the lonely recollection before, and looked around. Another friend on the other side of the pool talked for a whole afternoon, and I asked her to have a rest. Her yellow clothes were very bright on the cloudy day.

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Fun tour is starting...
January 11, 2017 at 13:27

The emptying is going to start. The first job is to put down everything in the past - that... Mainly work, not generally speaking, really tired, ah... Make up every day, get hair, go to work on time, wait for the next shot, then the next, day after day, to play others, to tell myself, to start again.

Well, finally, the end of the temporary, return to my own days. My days, not only go out makeup, basking in the sun, watching the street that peoples are coming and going, don't listen to more things, to find some simple pleasures, such as wine and dine, understanding of fun, go to the supermarket around it 3, 4 hours. Cook for her friends, all day watching movies and TV shows, want to take what a fun next year their happy film, wear bright colors and walk and talk slow two steps, as possible that can go to rent a bike...

All of this is a happy experience without pressure and no burden. This is the first time that Ben Bo was advocated by the advertising film system. During the shooting period, Ben Bo also listened to the happiness of 30 white-collar workers. And what about your "happy philosophy"? Fun tour is starting...

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The sky in the morning
January 09, 2017 at 12:46

On Friday, I got up so early in order to look at the sky in the morning.

I looked up to the sky, it naked in front of me. The bright and dazzling star blinks the big eyes of the bright crystal, like a small drop of water that flashes with the fluorescence. There was a bright bright moon in the middle. The moon was lined with thousands of stars, and the moon looks like a little girl in a fluorescent dress looking at the small stars. A meteor acrossed the faint blue sky in a magical arc, like Weaver thrown out of the shuttle, fleeting.

The sky was really blue, blue mixed up with black, blue mixed up with black, blue mixed up with clear, blue mixed up with pure, like a smooth sapphire of the mill. A trace of breeze blowing, her arms drill straight to the people, make people feel cool and comfortable.

The stars, and blinked their eyes. The moon was still so bright. The sky in the morning was still so beautiful.

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Tripped in Shanghai City
January 07, 2017 at 10:26

Last week I tripped in Shanghai. The sun has parched the earth, my mother and aunt, so at high temperature of more than 40 degrees, came to the front of the museum in the morning in Shanghai, got ready to visit EXCELL. The process especially tough waiting, we hand holding an umbrella, a fan, sometimes with a small towel to wipe the sweat, to drink a lot. I was sweating out from every pore, aunt said this is "khan". After three hours of waiting, we can finally get into the museum.

It is said that every exhibit in it is from the Museum of England. When we enter the exhibition hall, a colorful Egyptian mummy human shaped coffin attracts many visitors. After reading the introduction, I know this is a way to preserve the corpse in ancient Egypt.

At 5:15 in the afternoon, we sat on a cruise ship and went on a visit to the Huangpu River. Ready to sail, I saw a bird standing on the bow railing, its head is black feathers, like a black turban; its body is white feathers, like a white jacket; its wings are greyish brown, like the brown coat; its foot is golden yellow, like wearing a pair of shiny golden boot. "Wow" a flow, really is a naughty kid, it was on the deck to pee! Soon, it flew away, "Seagull" - this is a seagull!

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Makeing up appropriately is also indispensable
January 03, 2017 at 12:40

Today, people play the joke that it is the age of looking at the face, which means appearance decides everything. Some people are very annoyed by their appearance, they are afraid to look at the mirror and when taking photoes, they try to avoid. They think they are ugly. Actually, these people are believed to have the mental illness, they can do as the following advice and get rid of illness.

First, people must realize that the evaluation of a person is not according to the apperance totally. The obvious example is the facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, the young and rich man married a homely looking girl. This girl was very excellent and she had the charm. It is important to cultivate the personal charm, such as reading more books and broaden the vision.

Second, it is also indispensable to make up properly. People don’t need to dress like the stars, but make up a little can help them to be confident, what’s more, it is important to know the dress code. So people will not feel the self-deprecation in the public occasions.

Everybody is born to be equal and has their own feature, so don’t be stuck in the appearance.

Zhou Ying took the money to own a market around, but only willing to buy a piece of Zenggao eat. Suddenly there came a cry of murder! She was curious and ran to see what had happened. It turned out to be a beggar who was hit by a childe's carriage and cried for silver. Zhou Ying saw the old routine of money at one glance, but she said nothing but watched the childe with interest.

I saw the Su Yi son qiyuxuanang, the forehead is expensive -- it is known as the "crown of Jingyang" said Wu Jia Dong hospital son Wu hired. Although Wu Jia Dong hospital from the monopoly of military supplies, already in the local weiminghehe, Wu can hire still didn't mind losing good good. He saw this situation, although it is a hoax, but also can not help but pity, are hesitant to take money out. At this time, a scholar dressed people appeared, punctured the small beggar's tricks, but also help Wu hired relief. Wu Pinben would like to ask the student's name, that person is dashing away.

Zhou Ying in this moment has already thought of a new idea, she rushed to Wu hired in front, pretend to worry, busy shortage of tracing. In the face of a crying room to inquire about "brother" whereabouts of the woman, Wu did not take the slightest defense against the truth. Zhou Ying learned that the "brother" and out of people, is to "pay back the money out of jade". This move has won the trust of Wu hired, he learned from the mouth of the week home, the original father died, the family's little brother has been hungry for three days, "brother" is forced to come out to deceive people. Zhou Ying also said the home dry for two years, and brought out. Mother is very ill and can't see the doctor without money. Wu hired was poor, gave her money and said mingtie, can be difficult to help.

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Where did time go?
January 03, 2017 at 07:25

When we are students, we are so eager to be busy, because it can make us feel our value. But the fact is that when we go to work, taking a break sometimes seems to be impossible, the work is never done. We have less time to think about life and begin to complain the time is occupied always. So who steals your time?

No one can steal our time, even the boss. People always said that the time will be available if you try to make it. I can’t agree more. The reasons that we can’t make out some time just the excuse that we work inefficiently. When I have a lot of homework and only half a day left for me to finish, then I will focus my attention and can finish the work. But if I am left more time, then I will forget about the homework and play. Only in the last minute I will think about my work. So my time seems to be occupied, it is my laziness that wastes my time.

Time is precious and limited, we can make use of it if we make the good plan.

In 1884, the carriage of the Qing Dynasty was slowly walking at the end of the road. This is an age of ignorance and change, and there is new hope in decay and decay. This year, Zhou Ying followed four weeks to make a living in the father. She has got used to it, fate has shown her, always cruel and warm picture. Had fought in dire straits, makes the girl out of the ordinary the shrewdness and rebellious character.

One day, the father and daughter began to make a living in Jingyang town entertainer. Zhou old four in Zhou Ying's cooperation, the performance of their own not afraid of broadsword cutting "Kung Fu", but there is a fierce outside the big man loudly questioned, this is bragging. Zhou Ying retorted that he had exhausted his strength, and the big man said, "let me cut it, two knives.". The crowd saw four weeks not crashed, feel disappointed to. Week old four but throw the knife to that big fellow, ask him really to chop. The man tried, waving a sharp sword Kanxiang four weeks abdomen. Zhou Ying saw dad collapsed, rushed up. People see her poor, give some money.

Man left, but see the fourth week opened his eyes, no hurt. There was no tears in Zhou Ying's face, either. The wonderful trick was unexpected and everyone cheered in unison. In the twinkling of an eye, in a humble corner, but see Zhou father and the big fellow began to penny. It turned out that they had been playing with each other.

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