Where did time go?

Matnue posted on January 03, 2017 at 07:25

When we are students, we are so eager to be busy, because it can make us feel our value. But the fact is that when we go to work, taking a break sometimes seems to be impossible, the work is never done. We have less time to think about life and begin to complain the time is occupied always. So who steals your time?

No one can steal our time, even the boss. People always said that the time will be available if you try to make it. I can’t agree more. The reasons that we can’t make out some time just the excuse that we work inefficiently. When I have a lot of homework and only half a day left for me to finish, then I will focus my attention and can finish the work. But if I am left more time, then I will forget about the homework and play. Only in the last minute I will think about my work. So my time seems to be occupied, it is my laziness that wastes my time.

Time is precious and limited, we can make use of it if we make the good plan.

In 1884, the carriage of the Qing Dynasty was slowly walking at the end of the road. This is an age of ignorance and change, and there is new hope in decay and decay. This year, Zhou Ying followed four weeks to make a living in the father. She has got used to it, fate has shown her, always cruel and warm picture. Had fought in dire straits, makes the girl out of the ordinary the shrewdness and rebellious character.

One day, the father and daughter began to make a living in Jingyang town entertainer. Zhou old four in Zhou Ying's cooperation, the performance of their own not afraid of broadsword cutting "Kung Fu", but there is a fierce outside the big man loudly questioned, this is bragging. Zhou Ying retorted that he had exhausted his strength, and the big man said, "let me cut it, two knives.". The crowd saw four weeks not crashed, feel disappointed to. Week old four but throw the knife to that big fellow, ask him really to chop. The man tried, waving a sharp sword Kanxiang four weeks abdomen. Zhou Ying saw dad collapsed, rushed up. People see her poor, give some money.

Man left, but see the fourth week opened his eyes, no hurt. There was no tears in Zhou Ying's face, either. The wonderful trick was unexpected and everyone cheered in unison. In the twinkling of an eye, in a humble corner, but see Zhou father and the big fellow began to penny. It turned out that they had been playing with each other.

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