Disliked the way home blocked, a man modified the road sign

Matnue posted on February 08, 2017 at 09:48

At lunch, the old lady brought up Xing Sheng's age, and there should be a few words of persuasion. Xing Sheng did not hesitate to say that he thought Zhou Ying was good. Mrs. Shen called Zhou Ying and asked to try out the girl's meaning first. Unexpectedly, this simple woman directly refused, said he just wanted to be an ordinary girl, and even when the main house wife are not happy. But how much she wanted this opportunity, Zhou Ying so clear refused. Even the main house wife can not, this woman is really great assurance!

Mrs. Shen's face is unsightly, and all the stomachache has been made. Xing Sheng moved after that is very angry, feel good no good. Yes, he was a young man who was grown up from childhood. Where did he accept such a refusal? Xing Sheng moves like the wind rushed back to the room, accused Zhou Ying ungrateful, even anger to her driving himself as the master of rights". Although the woman will generally reserve reluctantly, and Zhou Ying immediately turn to Xing Sheng, not only moving the hands and cursed you ". She ran out of the room, but was stopped and tied up by the next. The long, irascible Shen Xingyi picked up the whip and thought it was enough for a woman to yield. I didn't think that Zhou Ying was still staring at his eyes, and there was a little bit of anger in his fearless eyes. Xing Sheng, after all, did not give up his heart, but changed the way to grind people, to destroy the will of the woman with hunger.

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