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Matnue posted on February 10, 2017 at 09:41

When people are asked what will they do if they become rich, some say that they want to eat all the delicious food, and some say that they will buy the best house. It is the common wish to live the life that enjoys the best material things. But for some super rich people, they choose to live the simple life.

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckberg, is young and becomes one of the richest man in the world. Every young guy treats him as their hero, and they want to as successful as Mark, so as to make a lot of money and live the life they want. But Mark told the media that he and his wife did not buy a house, but rented one. The media found that Mark wore the same T-shirt all the time. Mark said he bought the same clothes just to save the time to struggle for what to wear.

The real rich man live the simple life. They don’t care about the brands or the price tag, instead, they try to make things simple. They refuse to be tagged by material stuff.

A gentle and beautiful woman stands in the street, with elegant and elegant scenery. Du Mingli sat in the car saw her brow was full of regret and dismay. He has let the stop, but still leave silently. This woman is Hu Jia herbal shop of miss Hu Yongmei, and Wu very deep relations.

One day, Miss Hu is going to visit Mrs. wu. She had a good gift and a picture of her own, and Madame woo was admired. Just Wu is also in, also carefully to help her to pick out the almond in the oil tea. Hu Yongmei smiled and took out the words and paintings. It is written: "the Book of Songs one day apart, as of March". She is engaged with Wu expression of secret mind is childhood sweetheart, so only implicitly.

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