The necessity of social practice

Matnue posted on February 19, 2017 at 12:08

The stage of college is the new chapter for students. They need to learn independent as they live in the dormitory. Learning major knowledge and mastering the professional skill are the main tasks, but the necessity of practical experience can’t be ignored if they want to start their career successfully.

Being freshmen, many students start to lose themselves as they just want to enjoy the freedom and forget about study when they come to campus. But some wise students have made their plans. They not only spend a lot of time in library, but also fulfill their time by taking practical experience, which will be a great help in future career. We are easy to find that the successful young men have started their career as they are students.

In the job market, most employers care about the practical experience when they look at the resumes. They want this type of graduates because they can spend less time to teach them get familiar with the new environment, which can improve the working efficiency. If students want to take advantages over others in the job market, then they’d better seek some internship.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Wu Pin was Xing Sheng moved injured remain unconscious)

Zhao Baishi found the black clothes that Xing Sheng had worn when he moved the people, but it was a strange and unyielding Shen Xingyi that he did not confess to his death. Zhao Baishi huff, Xing Sheng moved to Lakesy board. Xing Sheng moved a little fever with his grief and his injuries. It is not easy to come to the prison of Shen Sihai, see his son's condition is full of pain, only to think about the way to save people.

Wu was in a coma and had been lying on the bed for two days. Wu Yuwen listen to expert advice, to put forward the request by Hu jia. Hu Yongmei without hesitation, agreed to a second day period to hire wu. Wu Yuwen heard after excitedly towards the righteous woman bowed deeply.

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