Misunderstandings of weight loss

Matnue posted on June 03, 2017 at 14:14

For every girl, they chase to look beautiful all the time, even some of them take it as the lifetime career. What’s more, the commercial ads implant them the idea that only skinny girls can be charming, so some girls take the extreme ways to lose weight, which hurts their bodies badly.

The most common wrong way to lose weight is to refuse food. Most girls believe that if they bear the hunger, then their bodies will not grow fat, so they just eat little food and fight with food temptation. It is not worthy of hurting bodies to lose weight. If we don’t keep healthy, we may lose our lives. The suitable way is to go on a diet with doctor’s professional advice.

The second wrong way is to take pills. Many commercial ads try to attract more females to buy the products, so they brag about the effect of taking pills. Actually, these pills have side effects, which damage the bodies. Many experts have told the truth that taking regular exercise is the best way to keep fit.

It is everybody’s right to chase looking beautiful, but they must do the wise things.

Wu on busy layout wedding matters, Wu Yuwen is also in the details of his sincerity, determined to give the best treatment for Hu Yongmei. Zhou Ying Wu hired every day in bed talking, looking forward to the wedding to wake him up. And when she did not notice, Wu's fingers moved, which represented his consciousness gradually recovering.

Du Mingli heard of Hu Jia to marry the daughter of Wu hired thing, he took the palace of porcelain, gelatin and other gifts to congratulate the wedding. Hu boss saw his words sincere, is not good to refuse. Du Mingli has been out of two road memorials, Hu boss took the reading, instant face change. The original, which involves Wu coming disaster.

Hu boss after reading a face schungite decadent appearance, but also considering Du Mingli's intention. Du Mingli said they had received Hu Jia grace also reminded him not to marry her daughter to a dying man, but do not put her into a place. Go out, Stoudemire puzzled, because there is no such instruction of Lord Beller. But Du Mingli murmured, this is his instructions to himself.

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