How to overcome negative emotions

Matnue posted on June 05, 2017 at 16:22

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Du Mingli politely mentioned Wu will usher in a disaster to Hu boss don't marry her daughter)

The bridal sedan soon to Hu door, everyone is looking forward to this joyous event. Wu Wu hired cousin meets on the outside anxiously and knocked on the door, but Hu the shopkeeper and daughter kneeling together each other, one said to marry, a No. And the two relative cry, Hu Yongmei mind has not married may not, even to death himself hit dizzy. Shopkeeper Hu sigh again and again, hastened to see his daughter.

Seeing the Wu Yuhe sedan slowly back to Wu palace in front of others are not to see. Sure enough, the bride didn't come. Wu Yuwen has tears in his eyes, asking God for his unfairness. As the men were desperate, Zhou yelled, "I'm coming!" At this moment, she had not taken care of too much, only to save Wu. She ran up, holding the bridal veil. The Wu family wedding, finally successfully made.

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