Behind the honor

Matnue posted on June 06, 2017 at 15:13

Being a model is a lot of girls’ dream. It means they can wear all kinds of beautiful dresses and being the spot light all the time. they also can fly to every corner of the world and make a lot of money. It seems so perfect to own both fame and fortune, but a hot model’s decision to quit her career makes people to see more behind the glory.

The girl was the hot model and she had been working as a model for five years. It was such young for her to say goodbye to this favorable job. When the girl was in high school, she was discovered by the agent and since then, she quit school. The company asked her to lose weight and controlled her diet very strictly. The girl always ate only an apple, but the company did not care about her health, as they just wanted money.

The girl now can eat what she wants, she looks fatter and happier. I think she can smile from her heart at this moment. We feel envious about what people have, but we ignore their hard work and diligence. If we want to be successful, then accept the hard time.

As usual, Zhou Ying went to the apprenticeship, and he reminded her that her identity was not suitable for the place. Zhou Ying didn't care about the etiquette, but the lecturer was nervous. After his departure, the apprentice and the apprentice, who had been playing with her before, were also respectful to her, calling her little grandmother. Even the little king, who had always been very thick, said she was not a former Chou Ying.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Ying as usual to apprentice class because of Mrs. real identity is alienated everyone)

Although Wu has already had nothing to do, Zhao Zhifu did not release Xing Sheng's move. The world full of Shen resentment, but can not do anything. Zhao Zhifu saw in the case of the day down Wu, began to find Wu Jiadong Butler Yang Zhihuan Institute. He immediately instructed to find out that a bag in the storeroom of fake blood wu. Zhao Baishi was a master from Zhang, and he sent it after he got the fake material, hoping to hear the teacher's opinion. But Zhao Baishi did not know that the adult had already put into the hands of Beller.

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