Lost youth

Matnue posted on June 15, 2017 at 14:07

Wu hired just to come back and told Zhou Ying's own body was much better. At this time, Wu Yuwen sent Zhou Ying to the past. He sat upright and asked questions about the background of the new daughter-in-law, and Zhou answered honestly. Wu Yuwen solemnly told Zhou Ying that she has not had the zoujianghu busk girl, and become a housewife, not to Wu. Wu Yuwen's tone gradually hardened, but see Zhou Ying still sit straight, also said: "if you guys think I don't deserve it, I can rest." Wu Yuwen angry, saw the girl walked out the door.

Zhou Ying, with tears in his eyes, told the spring apricot to pick up things to go. Wu's face changed immediately. He wanted to see his father and persuade him to take back the order. Unexpectedly, Zhang Ma has to convey the message to get rid of the master, no new daughter-in-law, but ordered Zhou Ying Study hard rules, self-cultivation.

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