The comparison of children hurt them

Matnue posted on June 17, 2017 at 11:24

It is natural for every parents to be proud of their excellent children. Especially when many parents sit together, the comparison between kids is inevitable. Foreign parents know how this hurts the children, while most Chinese parents don’t. The comparison of children should be stop.

Take me for example. When I was very small, my mother sent me to learn dance class, because she hoped me could dance well. So when she communicated with other moms, she would ask me to dance in front of them. I felt so awkward, and just wanted to find a hole to dig in. These situation happened many time, until some day, I said to my mother how I felt about this and I did not like being compared. She realized the problem and stop doing it again.

Since my mother lets me go, I am so happy and live the way I am want. I no longer have pressure. Now I can do what I want and she understands me. Though I give up dancing, I do well in painting. My talent is painting and I have won many awards. This is the thing that my parents should be proud of.

Wu recruited in the side looking at not the heart, take out a bag of money to him. Two tigers to kneel down and kowtow, but the couple live with. On the way back, always not Zhou Ying heart, talking about their own understanding of the situation when two tigers. After she deceived Wu that day, she met the endangered child and gave him all the valuable things on her own.

Wu was a bit regretful, and he said her hard day, and did not think that his wife was such a kind girl. He decided to help a child to get a job, and Zhou was grateful.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Wu Zhou Ying Street when hired two tigers, jienangxiangzhu)

Hire out shopping, Wu did not forget the things they asked the father, a pedestrian came Sanyuan pawn. The shopkeeper sun hastened to welcome guests, but inadvertently said Lord Wu Jiasan several months do not come back. When he was in the hands of his grandson, Wu carefully turned over the book.

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