Fast food companies face pressure

Matnue posted on June 18, 2017 at 17:29

The youth obesity is the very severe problem in America, because of the fast food culture. Long time ago, since the company created fast food, it was favored by people soon. But today, as more experts criticize the unhealthy eating style. Fast food company is under great pressure, but it still gets over the crisis.

Everybody knows that eating fast food is not good for their health, but still a lot of people choose to eat it. On the one hand, it is very convenient. Especially for the office workers, they like to go to the fast food restaurant and enjoy lunch time. On the other hand, some fast food brands such as Mcdonald’s provides people comfortable environment. People can just sit there, play with computer all the time. For the families, there is a play zone for the children. How nice it is.

Healthy diet is advocated nowadays, and more people refuse to eat fast food, which leads to bankrupt of many fast food companies. But the leading brands are still favored by people, as the managers seek for the creation and catch their fans.

After that, Wu took Zhou Ying to go out and went upstairs to pack the room. The doors and windows facing the Sanyuan pawnshop, convenient to check the situation. Zhou Ying felt bored and took the next man to the street. A crowd of people did not know what to see. She walked up and saw someone fall on the ground. The Church Father Joseph went and touched the pulse, said he would be saved, just need a person to help.

The people here seldom dealing with foreigners, all foreigners will say the vampire gouhun. And Zhou Ying tried to go forward to help, and when he saw the father's medicine, the man soon woke up. He was about to go, but Zhou Ying asked about the water. She was always worried about Wu's situation and thought she could treat it with the water.

Zhao Baishi visits victims of accumulation, just to see the foreigners and Zhou Ying speak, sighed that this woman treason and heresy. At that time, women's public and foreigners come close enough to speak, is contrary to women.

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