Did you use sunscreen in the right way

Matnue posted on June 26, 2017 at 18:43

When summer comes, every girl will paste sun cream, in the purpose of protecting their skin. It is said that the one who has the red or blond hair and the white skin has more chances to get skin cancer if the person is exposed in the sun for a long time. Using sun cream in the right way can better protect themselves.

Though most people use sun cream, less people use it in the right way. People get use to paste sun cream and then go out of the house immediately. This is the wrong way. Sun cream should be pasted at least half an hour ahead before you are exposed to the sun. People also need to paste it every few hours, because the sun will dry sun cream and let it lose its function.

Even though we know how to better use sun cream, it is not good to be exposed in the sun for a long time. In Australia, people are also called to put on clothes and hat on the beach. Only in this way will we reduce the chance to get skin cancer.

Father Joseph said he wanted to go to the church. Zhou Ying hesitated and followed. She saw the lights and the world map for the first time. Soon to noon, Zhou Ying and Wu think hire agreement, quickly took the medicine to leave.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Zhou Ying stills taking medicine to the church to see different things)

Hu Yongmei just went out, Wu recognized the carriage, under the excitement to hire Wu fling caution to the winds. She walked all the way to the door and saw her beloved man sitting in front of the window. Hu Yongmei was not in tears at the thought of the changes of these days. Wu did not think Hu Yongmei did not hire Huihun, she has her own have. And the end of this is that life can not be born, death can not die.

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