Do not adapt to the poor days

Matnue posted on July 13, 2017 at 09:53

In Chinese tradition, it is a great merit for people to be frugal. Our parents have gone through the hard time when our country’s economy is not good. So they get used to be economical about everything. When the situation gets better, they still live in the old way. To improve lifestyle, they can think about giving up living the old style.

When I was very small, my parents educated me all the time that I should not waste money, so I always compared the prices before I made bargain, in the purpose of paying in the lowest price. But as I grow up and make money by my own, I start to consider about whether being frugal is best for me. For example, I want to buy a brand watch, which is very suitable for me, while there is another watch that is much cheaper and I don’t like it. My parents must take the latter one. But I decide to buy the one I like, because it worths.

The old generation gets used to the poor days and they don’t realize the necessity of chasing a better lifestyle. When life gets better, it is reasonable to spend money to enjoy a comfortable life.

Then, as one of the members involved, Zhou Ying also came to the hall to testify. Xing Sheng finally met his days missing woman, heart is concerned, the mouth is a too radical. Zhao Baishi looked at Zhou Ying and thought about the day she saw her and Joseph in the street. He asked Zhou Ying what to do if he was returned to the house of Shen. He did not think that the woman insisted that he should follow Wu. Xing Sheng moved by angry, he heard, so hard to take her back to Shenyang, it was all in vain mind!

Zhao Baishi see Zhou Ying so resolute, make Wu and hired her feelings. Wu and Zhou Ying was hired that can safely transported with joy, together. Can Xing Sheng shift which can show the white feather? From childhood to the wind was the wind, the rain in the rain two master, as if in the fall of the fall, non compete not to care about. He also took the contract things, but was beaten before Zhao Baishi reminded Wu hired thing, only temporarily give up.

That bloom on a perfect circle (three people to court stills shop)

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