The sky in the morning

Matnue posted on January 09, 2017 at 12:46

On Friday, I got up so early in order to look at the sky in the morning.

I looked up to the sky, it naked in front of me. The bright and dazzling star blinks the big eyes of the bright crystal, like a small drop of water that flashes with the fluorescence. There was a bright bright moon in the middle. The moon was lined with thousands of stars, and the moon looks like a little girl in a fluorescent dress looking at the small stars. A meteor acrossed the faint blue sky in a magical arc, like Weaver thrown out of the shuttle, fleeting.

The sky was really blue, blue mixed up with black, blue mixed up with black, blue mixed up with clear, blue mixed up with pure, like a smooth sapphire of the mill. A trace of breeze blowing, her arms drill straight to the people, make people feel cool and comfortable.

The stars, and blinked their eyes. The moon was still so bright. The sky in the morning was still so beautiful.

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