What parents want

Matnue posted on August 09, 2017 at 12:41

There is no doubt that parents are the greatest persons in the world, no matter what mistakes we make, they will forgive us and never abandon us. We all know that it is natural to return our parents, so we work hard for the purpose of giving them more money and live the better life. Actually, the things that they want are not like these.

The first thing they want is your time. As young people graduate and begin to work, they move far away from home and barely have time to visit their parents. Some even go back home once a year. The time stay with parents is the most precious thing in their eyes. The second thing is your attention. When they get sick, they want to hear from their children, which worths everything. Or a call now and then and talk to them console them.

Money is believed to be the best way to return our parents in most people’s eyes. But what parents want is their time and attention. As the popular song calls on people to visit parents often, it costs all to go back home and have dinner with parents.

Thinking with the toes, Zhou Ying can understand that this incident must be directed at myself. She must now calm down, to find treasure to confront each other, find each other loopholes to refute. Unexpectedly, Polaris took the opportunity to move to the former hospital Shen Star "trouble thief" thing, inserted into the body of Wang Shijun. Miss Wu had saved the suspicion that day, under this more one-third suspicion.
That year blooming moon is still a movie (Zhou Ying Wang Shi were "caught")

Sun dispensers also took the opportunity to talk about the past, Wang Shijun to pawn inkstone thing. This thing is too secretive, in addition to the dead Wu Weiwen, Wu Hsien and his son, informed only Sun dispensers, the third lady and Bora, even Miss Wu and Zhou Ying do not know. Nowadays, this is just what was done by Wu Hsiu's order, which was actually used to prove that Wang Shi had suspected theft.

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