Fun tour is starting...

Matnue posted on January 11, 2017 at 13:27

The emptying is going to start. The first job is to put down everything in the past - that... Mainly work, not generally speaking, really tired, ah... Make up every day, get hair, go to work on time, wait for the next shot, then the next, day after day, to play others, to tell myself, to start again.

Well, finally, the end of the temporary, return to my own days. My days, not only go out makeup, basking in the sun, watching the street that peoples are coming and going, don't listen to more things, to find some simple pleasures, such as wine and dine, understanding of fun, go to the supermarket around it 3, 4 hours. Cook for her friends, all day watching movies and TV shows, want to take what a fun next year their happy film, wear bright colors and walk and talk slow two steps, as possible that can go to rent a bike...

All of this is a happy experience without pressure and no burden. This is the first time that Ben Bo was advocated by the advertising film system. During the shooting period, Ben Bo also listened to the happiness of 30 white-collar workers. And what about your "happy philosophy"? Fun tour is starting...

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