The ninth day of vacation

Matnue posted on January 13, 2017 at 17:01

The early morning was wake up by the storm, I found mymself was settling in bed, sleepy with eyes and listened. A rainy night in Bali Island, the sound of the rain as a damp and rhythmic environment really keeps the ear.

My mind was very empty, soon I knew that I didn't need to respond to rainy days. There was nothing waiting for me, even a phone call. It was very steady, so I turned to sleep again.

In the afternoon, I sat in the sunshine beside the pool, and found out a book that I had wanted to read in this environment. I read it for 3 hours in a single breath. The author is Jiang Xun, a lonely book six, is a very good book. After reading the empty space of a good book, a friend went on to another book in time, the messenger of the lamp, had a glance, and found himself immersed in the lonely recollection before, and looked around. Another friend on the other side of the pool talked for a whole afternoon, and I asked her to have a rest. Her yellow clothes were very bright on the cloudy day.

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